Walk of Hope and Harmony

Earlier this week, I found a beautiful answer to this question. Listening to a talk by Sri M, who is on a ‘walk of hope’ from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, gave a near-perfect solution.

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Religious Harmony-Thiruvanathapuram

The Palayam Trio of Interfaith Harmony

The very fact that you can take in all three places of worship in one glance in itself is an exhilarating vision & presence in this age when boundaries between people are being demarcated in thicker and bolder lines.

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Mother Teresa- goodness

Goodness of heart creates a great society

An act of kindness and a positive outlook towards life, create a ripple effect in the immediate environment. Goodness is as infectious as the flu. It is only a matter of sowing a seed of benevolence.

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