Volunteer for Manav Ekta Mission

Each volunteered act helps make a positive difference to humanity.

There are many ways in which you can volunteer for Manav Ekta Mission and its various initiatives. With The Walks of Hope now being undertaken across the world and in India in collaboration with like-minded souls, you may help us out on the ground during the walk, or in organizing things, or in raising awareness about Walks of Hope.

How Volunteership works for the Walks of Hope 

A volunteer will be part of a group which is responsible for the task they are assigned. It is required that the volunteer work as part of a team. Based on the expertise or experience of a volunteer, she/ he maybe assigned a leadership role. A movement of this enormity is organized and supported by many volunteers. Each group has someone in a leadership role who will co-ordinate with the central organizers.

Interested in Volunteering but located outside India ?

There are many ways you can volunteer for which you don’t have to come to India. For example, you could help raise awareness in your locality about this movement. Your area of professional expertise that you are willing to contribute will always find an area that would need a helping hand.

If you wish to volunteer on the ground and are not from India, do get in touch with us.

Yes, I would love to volunteer for the Walks of Hope.