The Walk of Hope 2015 – 16 is gathering momentum, igniting interest to walk for India’s tomorrow

Sri M meets Rajinikanth briefing-him on Walk of Hope-2015

The padayatra for peace & harmony led by Sri M and traversing the varied landscape of India, slated to begin on January 12, 2015 from Kanyakumari, is gaining momentum with interest and support received across the nation.

This has been made possible owing to a sustained effort across the country in meeting, discussing and sharing information on the padyatra with stakeholders and changemakers of the nation, and their circles of positive influence.

Sri M recently met Rajinikanth, Indian film actor, media personality, and cultural icon and apprised him of the national initiative and its focus on bringing together citizens from all walks of life for a better India for our future generations. In the ensuing discussions on the padayatra, Rajinikanth supported the thought behind the Walk of Hope 2015 – 16 and felt it was a great initiative.

​May the Walk of Hope initiative keep provoking thought and invite in-depth explorations on the state of our nation today.

To know more about the Walk of Hope 2015 – 16, click here.​

Sri M introduces the Walk of Hope 2015 – 16

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