The padayatra for peace & harmony is gradually becoming a part of the national conversation

Sri Narendra Modi-Prime Minister-India with Sri M-Manav Ekta Mission

The Walk of Hope 2015-16, the padayatra for peace & harmony led by Sri M and traversing the varied landscape of India, is gradually entering the national conversation, acknowledging its purity of purpose.

It has been overwhelmingly humbling to know of the genuine interest and the discussions that have been ignited on the initiative across the various sections of our society, cutting across class, creed and color.

This spirit of engaging discussions were very much evident at Sri M’s meet with the honorable Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi at the PMO recently, on a range of subjects which also included the Walk of Hope initiative.

May the Walk of Hope initiative keep provoking thought and invite in-depth explorations on the state of our nation today.

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The Walk Of Hope 2015 – 16 by Sri M, from Kanyakumari to Kashmir

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