The Journey of Hope begins by tapping into our own goodness

Tapping into our Goodness

Being happy is the most fundamental need of human beings. One wouldn’t be remiss in presuming that happiness is indeed the purpose of life. Because positivity is innate to us. Having said that, so is negativity. In truth, our negativity assaults us often, spilling out our inner demons. Perhaps nowhere is this duality more pronounced than in India, a land of diversity and dichotomies.

A glance at the news these days provides proof of this manifestation in our society, and the world at large. The ubiquitous violence, the extremes of greed, anger and insecurity staining our social fabric – all of these point to a larger malaise that is born of a low state of life. But all of this is merely one aspect of being human. What we often fail to recognize is that the goodness in human nature can be powerful. It can be cultivated effectively. It is really a matter of choice. On the other hand, negativity needs little effort. It is a reality of our existence that making the negative choice is simpler. It is easier to hit the snooze button on the alarm than to wake up early. But tapping into our goodness is no mean task. It has been observed by many a wise man that all things good take effort.

One such endeavour is the Walk of Hope initiated by Manav Ekta Mission, a part of the Satsang Foundation. This walk is being organized in the hope of uniting everyday Indians from across the length and breadth of the country. At a time of unprecedented strife and discontent in our nation’s history, Sri M, the founder of the Satsang Foundation, strives to commune with ordinary people from all walks of life and restore faith in the syncretic fabric of India.

This extraordinary journey starts on Swami Vivekananda’s birth anniversary (January 12, 2015), at Gandhi Memorial Mandapam in Kanyakumari and culminates in Srinagar, covering an expanse of 6000 kilometers across 12 states in 15 months.

The walk will recess in the evenings at a village or town enroute. In the spirit of Swami Vivekananda’s appeal for inter-faith harmony, Sri M will meet with the local communities towards having substantive dialogue.

Please join us in this Walk of Hope towards sowing the seeds of deep-seated happiness and unity.

Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago Address (1893)

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