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The Manav Ekta Mission founded by Sri M

The Manav Ekta Mission, founded by Sri M – spiritual guide, social reformer and educationist , and built on the foundation of peace is now at the threshold of an exciting and eventful phase. The sustained efforts and advocacy by the Mission promoting the oneness of humanity‚ÄĒtranscending religious, racial, geographical, cultural and ideological differences has now gathered an extraordinary momentum and pace, fufilling its core belief through various initiatives that are unique and profound in its approach and scale.

The dissemination of information pertaining to each of these, along with the specific objectives of the Mission, needed a modern platform that could also be a globally accessible information, discussion, and communications hub for anyone who believes in peace worldwide, and a channel for innovative ideas exchange. In addition, it also needed to be an efficient archive of the philosophy of Sri M, an instrument for resource mobilisation and a useful tool for community outreach programs.

The new website for Manav Ekta Mission ( offers visitors a streamlined, easy to navigate experience, clearly showcasing the Mission’s objectives and its founder, in addition to turning the spotlight on the latest initiative, the Walk of Hope 2015. The website also features the Ekta Blog, which is envisioned to be an enriching fount of perspectives and thoughts that lie central to the core objectives of the Mission, in addition to regular notes by Sri M himself. Built on the latest Responsive Web Design technology and optimized for all mobile devices and tablets for easy reading experience, effortless access of content, also enabling swipe-through photo and video galleries going forward – its framework incorporates next generation user experience elements, and is scalable for future requirements.

It is hoped that the clean, fresh design, along with its easy to navigate experience & functionalities will usher in the next level of awareness and engagement online for the ideals and objectives of Manav Ekta Mission, across the world. The process of refining the user experience in terms of content and design will be a continuous process, and we look forward to your thoughts and feedback on it, going forward.

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  1. Vinayak says:

    I think we should request all to bless the mother earth and all beings with love , peace , joy, harmony, prosperity and good work and order and blessing to our country for prosperity and good work. Will further change the conditions in world. Also request Panchamahabhuta to be in sync and forgive the people and bless people so that they will not harm the nature and mother earth. which will reduce imbalance in Panchamahabhuta. This can be done by every individual, many are doing this but number will increase and effect also. The above things are taught by many higher soles from different religions, this is not my invention but the thought to just spread the goodness.