Manav Ekta Mission introduces the Peace Education Program : a curriculum for peace and everlasting happiness

The Peace Curriculum-An Initiative of Manav Ekta Mission Youth Initiatives

As the world enters the second decade of twenty-first century, it has entered a period of unprecedented crisis. The issues of poverty and hunger, ethnic, social and gender inequality, abuses of human rights, unsustainable resources depletion, illiteracy and lack of access to education, woefully inadequate healthcare, conflicts and wars continue to plague the planet incessantly.

Peace Framework for Schools by Manav Ekta Mission Youth InitiativesConflict and ecological damage have intensified and have been joined by their entirely unpredictable by-products of terrorism, corruption, globalized crime, HIV/ AIDS and other epidemics of international proportions, erratic weather patterns and growing water shortages. This reflects the enormity of human suffering and bio-ecological damage that are being inflicted daily.

Is there a hope for human fulfillment, happiness, creativity, satisfaction and a harmonious relationship with nature? Manav Ekta Mission Youth Initiatives seeks answers to the conflicts around us and within us by an inner transformation; by understanding that peace is the only way to a sustainable future and an everlasting happiness.

It is in this regard that the Peace Education Program has been developed under the Youth Initiatives for Peace, a Walk of Hope 2015-16 initiative, as a project of Manav Ekta Mission. The program aims at an attitudinal, structural, and cultural transformation whereby young people gain the ability to make decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people.

This peace curriculum has been structured to engage people of all age groups as it works towards developing the values and behaviour for constructive and peaceful co-existence. Keeping in mind the constrains of heavy curriculum, it is an open-ended plan and it can be done as a seperate component of school value education system or as an interdisciplinary approach across various subjects.

Download the Peace Education Program here.​

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