Training for the engineers of All India Confederation of the Blind through the Manav Ekta Mission

Training by DMI  for the visually challenged-Manav Ekta Mission

India has the highest proportion of blind and low vision category citizens in its population. It is estimated that there are about 14 million blind and 28 million low-vision persons in the country. Manav Ekta Mission has been closely associated with leading organisations through collaborative initiatives in effectively addressing the existing shortcomings, upgrading skill-sets and empowering more visually challenged fellow beings to lead productive lives.

Digital Media Initiatives (DMI), under the aegis of the Manav Ekta Mission, conducted a training for the engineers of All India Confederation of the Blind (AICB) at Aligarh between September 11 – 12, 2014.

The All India Confederation of the Blind (AICB) is the body of blind persons working for and with its blind brothers and sisters. It is made up of grassroot and state level Associations / Organizations working with the blind. It has 22 affiliates across the country. The Confederation has now completed 30 years of its existence.

Mr. Vikas Chauhan and Mr. Santosh Kumar of the AICB attended the training programme and were assisted by the DMI team. The team, comprising of Mr. Mangal Kumar, Mr. Pankaj Kumar, Mr. Gaurav Kumar and Mr. Rohit – all of whom are expert software engineers, have always been deeply committed and passionate on sharing their know-how on Assistive Technologies for the Visually Challenged persons.

The training programme was supported by the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Shri Prasanna Kumar Pincha and Shri J. L. Kaul, Recipient of Padma Shri Award 2014, Secretary General, All India Confederation of the Blind. The Office of the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities is a government agency in India under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment of Government of India.

Manav Ekta Mission, in association with All India Confederation of the Blind is also offering a Digital Platform to transform content into Braille and Digital Talking Books that conform to global standards. This platform is also powered by Digital Media Initiatives, which works closely with Manav Ekta Mission, powering its Digital Learning initiatives. DMI is an enterprise with expertise in digital publishing and accessible technologies and have an impeccable reputation in the field world over.

To know more about the Digital Talking Books (DTBs) Downloads, click here.

( Please note that you will have to Log-In and Self-Enroll in the “Creating DAISY Compliant Digital Talking Books” Course. Go to “Downloads” for downloading the DTBs. )

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