A Walk of Hope 2015 Fundraiser Event | Padmashri Shobana performs ‘Samadhina – Trance’ on November 9, at Chennai

Samadhina Trance by Shobana- Walk of Hope 2015 Fundraiser

Acclaimed actor / danseuse Padmashri Shobana would be performing her two-hour long production, Samadhina – Trance, the the dance of spirituality from myth to modernity , in the first major fundraising event for Walk of Hope 2015, in the culture & arts domain.

When : November 9, 2014 at 6.30 pm

Where : The Music Academy, Chennai. ( Getting there )

‘Samadhina’ is a quest to present Bharatanatyam in an eclectic and spiritual form. The same principles of classical dance which are rules, control, tunefulness or bhava, rhythm structure and ability to appeal to the audience, can be applied to any kind of music genres. In ‘Samadhina’, each piece is strewn together on the structure of a margam but with music ranging from film, Sufi to khayal to compositions of Bach and Vivaldi in the western classical genre.

By stringing together music ranging from sufi music to khayal, Bach and Vivaldi, ‘Samadhina’ will be a showcase of the diversity of arts strung together by principles that apply to all art forms.

Shobana will be accompanied by Padmasri Vijay Ghate from Pune on the tabla, Sanjoy Das from Mumbai on the electric guitar and Prithvi Chandrashekar from Chennai on the keyboard.

It is our humble request that each one of you will attend the event.

Tickets are priced at Rs 3000 / 2000 / 1000 and 500.

Please buy tickets online via the official site here.

For more details, please contact Katyayini Ratan on + 91 98844 30557.

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