The Walk of Hope 2015-16 is free and open to all. Registered yet ?


The response to the Walk of Hope 2015-16 has been overwhelming, going by the Registrations and the Donations that have been received by the Team Walk of Hope. There has also been repeated requests and submissions to open out the Registration process for all those interested in the Walk of Hope and the Team Walk of Hope 2015-16 has done exactly that now.

The Walk of Hope 2015-16 is now free and open to all !

The entire Registration for the Walk of Hope 2015-16 has been simplified furthur, to ensure that there is absolutely no difficulty in helping you join the Walk for a Better India.

The Highlights of the current Registration process for Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • Walk of Hope is free and open to all.
  • You can support Walk of Hope and obtain a newsletter on a periodic basis.
  • Or you may choose to register to walk with Sri M during Walk of Hope.
  • Limited places (20 persons per day) are available where boarding & lodging is supported by Manav Ekta Mission.
  • You may join the Walk anytime, anywhere en-route Walk of Hope making your own arrangements.
  • Interactive Map on the landing page. You can click on anywhere on the route map to check the itinerary. There is a separate itinerary button on the left menu as well.
  • Travel Advisory, Health Advisory and other information are available to make your walk more informative and interesting.
  • A Toll Free number will soon be active to interact with volunteers from Walk of Hope team to support you.

Check out the Easy Way to Register for the Walk of Hope 2015-16

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  1. i would like to join walk for hope at mp region.thanks


    Dear sir

    I am APPALANAIDU from srikakulam,staying near Hydera bad

    I want to meet GURUJI so please help regarding