Shoucha Suvidha – A Manav Ekta Mission initiative for the Special Girl Child

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The Walk of Hope saw an enthusiastic participation by the Children and Members of the Spastics Society, Bangalore and special children from the Tippu Memorial School, Ramanagara in March 2015 .

The Coordinators and Volunteers of this leg of the padayatra continued their activities in this area and working along with the Spastic Society realised the need for a toilet for the girl child in the Tippu Memorial School. The school has 35 special children [20 boys and 15 girls] besides a regular population of 400. The boys in the school have an open toilet while the girls have none. Volunteers inspired by Sri M’s contribution to society and the objectives of the Walk of Hope, and under the able guidance of Dr. Rukmini Krishnaswamy, Director of the Spastics Society, identified this project of a toilet building for execution.

After studying the toilet layout and specifications in the Spastics Society, Indira Nagar,Bengaluru, this project began with 12 of the volunteers contributing to the fund. The project is now successfully completed with the help of Dr Rukmini Krishnaswamy and other members of the Spastic Society.

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  1. Tamera Silver Frank says:

    I am beginning a business and want to give proceeds to help rescue street orphans in India. Recently, I watched the movie “Lion” and was inspired by God to help.

    Also, a few months ago, I found an artwork by Sri M, called Crest of Youth. This is hanging in my living area. Did Sri M etch this? It has an invisible father figure with a fish in his hand.

    Let’s talk about how I can create an organization here to help the children of India.

    Tamera S. Frank