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Mother Teresa- goodness

Goodness of heart creates a great society

An act of kindness and a positive outlook towards life, create a ripple effect in the immediate environment. Goodness is as infectious as the flu. It is only a matter of sowing a seed of benevolence.

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Equality for all- women

Is ‘equality for all’ an elusive virtue?

Social norms and attitudes across the world often defy the concept of equality even in a liberated era like today. And this absence of social parity has reached alarming proportions in India, even as the country is growing at an impressive pace in every way conceivable.

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Mumbra Women

Football liberates Mumbra women

Though named after a goddess, Mumbra’s society has been generally indifferent to its women-folk. The ultra-conservative social system has meant exclusion of women and girls from open spaces.

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